ABOUT ‘Muzigen Muzic’

Muzigen Muzic is an internet label specializing in underground music.

Due to the spread of the Internet and DTM, it is not difficult to ask someone who does not know the songs that he composed himself / herself. It is not even difficult to distribute songs individually to the world by streaming services such as Spotify and AppleMusic It became possible.

However, on the other hand, as the everyday’s hundreds and thousands of music overflowed on the Internet, listeners became overloaded with information, and as a result the act of “digging down” new sounds seems to be getting less I will. I feel that the trend is noticeable especially in the so-called underground genre that is not the main stream.

In addition to music production, the artist who is the creator has to think about activities other than music, including SNS.

Underground music

Although people feel each way of underground, I am not a negative way of thinking so-called minor, but I am thinking that “genre that is not mainstream but not gaudy but universal and forever supported”. I think that the music that does not get tired of being so plain and not influenced by trends is the underground.

Although it is not a genre that makes a main stream nevertheless, the basic philosophy of the label is that thought that the music accepted naturally should be underground music even after many years. However, I also know the difficulty of sending out information by just one underground genre.

Actually I also feel that self promotion has its limit in the underground genre.

Label for artist

Except for some major class artists, it is obvious that the current music is inevitable depending on the diffusion in SNS. Unfortunately it is not an era that “if you make good music you can listen to it alone”. A lot of people have seen people who have been unable to communicate information and have been far away from themselves to make great music.

Muzigen Muzic was born with the feeling that “I want many people to know what I think is good”.

Although it is very powerful, I’d appreciate it if you can engage even a small part of your music’s power.

Muzigen Muzic owner AKITOMO YAMAYA

Started music activities by DTM since 2014. In May 2016 participated in a compilation album of Canadian label ‘PineappleGroove’ under aKitomo name. In addition, DJ WARP looking up to be a teacher By the encounter with Takashi Watanabe, 1st EP ‘Smoke In The Night’ is released from Hypnotic Room Japan (Australia base). Beatport Minimal Release Chart to win the top six. Even then, with Hypnotic Room as the main axis, we repeatedly released from multiple labels such as Berberis, and we also have several names on the Beatport chart. While creating the original, he is also offering remixes to other artists as a remixer. Currently under the name of ‘Rad.Noi 2’ or ‘Dub Nora’.